According to the latest numbers compiled by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 350,000 painting contractors  are in the country. That number represents a lot of competition for business owners such as yourself. And with the industry growing at an average of 6 percent every year, your competition will keep rising.

So how do you gain an edge over other painting contractors in your area?

The expertise of local digital marketing agencies will help you achieve that goal through multiple strategies. The services digital marketing agencies provide include search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising. Both services are invaluable to your marketing strategy.

The Business Value of SEO

Painting contractor companies benefit from local SEO services now more than ever. Consider the following scenario:

A homeowner wants their house repainted over the summer but lacks the necessary skills and tools. Where are they going to find a painting contractor? Years ago, they may have checked the phonebook, but today the directory of choice is the internet. Specifically, they’ll employ search engines like Google to find information on painters and contractors.

Approximately 46 percent of all online searches are for local information. However, your competition will also show up in these online searches, and there are only so few spaces on the first page of search results. It’s vital that your business appears at the top of the first page because the farther your site is down the page, the less likely prospective customers are going to visit it.

Search engine optimization boosts your page ranking, making it easier for customers to see your website. Expert digital marketers achieve this by combining intelligent keyword placement, attractive website designs, and tactical backlinking.

But much like many small business marketing strategies, one approach is rarely enough to achieve lucrative results. This is why experienced digital marketers may suggest the inclusion of PPC in your plan.

Why PPC Matters

Pay-per-click advertising refers to buying a slot for your website at the top of the results page. Your site will appear there when users type in specific phrases, or keywords, that you’ll bid on to secure your ad’s placement. Although it seems like a simple process, PPC services involve very delicate and nuanced strategies.

You could be tempted to bid on generic keywords like “painting contractor in Florida” or similar phrases. After all, these words are searched more often because they’re simpler, which means a lot of people will see your ad. However, you won’t be the only business bidding on such keywords. Their high search traffic will convince a lot of businesses to put their ads on it as well, which could drive the bidding price up.

Experienced digital marketers know that you’ll reach users with more buying intent if you bid on extremely specific and narrow keywords. People who use more specific search terms are more likely to be the ones who need your services instead of curious searchers.

Digital marketers are also well-versed in using the right words to convince people to click on your ad instead of competitors.

Together, strategic search engine optimization and pay-per-click advertising can help your paint contracting business reach out to the right people with the right words at the right time. With the right partner to develop and execute your digital strategy, you’ll gain an edge over the competition.

Building Up Florida Businesses

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