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Get your marketing message in front of your targeted audience through Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising. It is a cost-effective method of promoting your products and services with every penny in your budget accounted for. Coupled with the expert management of a seasoned PPC marketing agency in Tampa, paid ad campaigns can generate leads, sales, and ROI for your business within a short time frame.

You might ask, why spend extra for paid ads when I’m already doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO)? It’s because PPC can start generating results within weeks of launching. SEO, on the other hand, could take months to take effect. Combining these two online marketing strategies can give you a significant advantage: you’ll get the immediate returns on your investment from PPC, and increase your Google search rank (and stay on top for a long period afterward) through SEO.

As your Pay-Per-Click Advertising company in Tampa, Your Preferred Agency can show you how the entire process works.


Our PPC marketing services in Tampa helps small and medium businesses compete with bigger companies in the area. We devise PPC strategies that make the most of your budget.

We follow a straightforward process:

Step 1

Determine your marketing goals and set targets for leads generated, converted, and closed.

Step 4

Set up a Google AdWords account for your business.

Step 7

Monitor the ads’ performances and assess if any of the campaigns need immediate adjustments.

Step 2

Plot a strategy that moves you closer to reaching the goals above. This process includes keyword research and setting bid amounts.

Step 5

Create and optimize ads.

Step 8

Record the data, analyze insights, and gather the information for reporting.

Step 3

Identify your target market.

Step 6

Publish the ads and target Internet users who match your buyer persona.

Step 9

Use the assessment results to modify the campaigns to improve its leads and sales generation further.

Your Preferred Agency informs you of every step in this process. It will be a collaborative approach as we offer our recommendations and get your approval on the key stages of your PPC campaign.

Immediate Benefits Your Business

You don’t need to spend millions on advertising with our pay-per-click marketing services in Tampa. As long as you have a clear picture of your buyer persona, we can target your ads and make sure they appear before the right people.

PPC can bring these benefits to SMBs:

Drive more traffic to your website (thereby improving your SEO campaign)

Pay only for every ad click


Increase visibility and brand recognition

Generate more, high-value leads


Increase conversions

Increase sales

Generate ROI

A well-planned PPC campaign can generate hot leads (people who are most likely to pay for your products or services), so the moment they arrive on your website, you’re guaranteed a sale. Your Preferred Agency can help you craft these campaigns.

Contact us, and let’s talk about promoting your business through paid ads.

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